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An organization cannot function without supporters!  We would like to thank our sponsors, who have through their generosity shown such compassion for their fellow man!

Wine and Roses Restaurant at 1404 East Cape Coral Parkway gave us the means to incorporate and become a 501(c)3 non-profit.  They have supported the cause of orphans in Haiti in the past, and they have helped us to achieve this purpose in the present also.  We thank Wine and Roses for their patronage and good will!  For authentic Italian cuisine and for knowing great folk, Wine and Roses is our choice!

We would also like to thank Lord's Will Ministries in AieaHawaii. who greatly blessed Global Passion Mission with its contribution of $1000!  This money was instrumental in feeding hungry orphans in Cite Militaire immediately after the earthquake in 2010.  We thank Lord's Will Ministries for truly supporting the work of God in Haiti!
Kudos also to Kazuko Adachi of Honolulu, Hawaii for her contribution of $100 to Global Passion Mission!  May her gift come back to multiply in her own life many times over!

Megan Campbell of Cape Coral has also supported Global Passion Mission with her contributions!  

Abundant thanks go to Nancy M. Nichols, founder of Hearts In Service Ministry, not only for her financial contributions to Global Passion Mission (many hundreds of dollars,) but also for her steadfast support of our Moringa ministry, and also for her love and prayers.
Finally, we thank the Board of Directors of Global Passion Mission for their financial contributions, as well as the time and work invested in this mission!