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One mission group cannot make a change in the world alone!  We are grateful for our mission partners.  

First, we would like to thank ECHO, Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, based in North Fort Myers, Florida, for their spreading the word about the Moringa plant.  Founder Martin Price, Publicist Danielle Flood, Director Beth Doerr, and Intern Rhoda Beuttler were instrumental in helping us to understand the farming techniques and strategies which could make Moringa thrive  in distant lands.

Secondly, we want to thank Pastor Rigaud Antoine, for his dedication to improving the life of the people in Port-au-Prince, and for his enthusiastic support of our Moringa Project in La Saline!  With many hands, much can be accomplished.  We thank Pastor Rigaud for his leadership of Global Passion Mission, and for being a wonderful host to us whenever we have traveled to Haiti.

We praise Melande Antoine for her leadership also!  Always supporting her husband, and every bit as supportive of the Moringa Project as he is, she has been a source of wisdom, encouragement and love.

The Evangelical Alliance of Haiti, of whom Pastor Rigaud is a leader, is a voluntary association of Pastors in Haiti, who have bound themselves together in common support for advancing the cause of Christ in their country.  They oversee the work of the Lord, and hold each other to a standard of ethical and financial accountability.  They handle the transfer of money between Global Passion Mission and anything which may accrue to Pastor Rigaud's ministry.

Pastor Rigaud's Bethlehem Evangelical Baptist Church, the College Jean Rigaud Antoine, and the Kingdom of Kids Orphanage [Wayom Timoun] are also very close to the hearts of those who work for Global Passion Mission.  The people of Bethlehem Church have welcomed and embraced us fully, we see the lives of the students of College Rigaud Antoine are being changed day by day, and the lives of the orphans at Wayom Timoun are being sustained every day for a better and brighter future!  We commend Pastor Rigaud for the work that he has done and continues to do!

Video courtesy of Caleb Antoine 
in support of Dr. Jean Rigaud Antoine Ministries