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How many non-profit websites invite you to look into their financial affairs?  We invite public scrutiny and show ourselves to be 100% transparent in our fiduciary dealings.

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Money donated to GPM goes directly to the people to whom we minister.  GPM averages 12% for administrative costs and governmental fees, which means [after initial first-year start-up costs] that 88 cents of your dollar goes to the actual people who benefit from your generosity! Contributions are subject to non-profit regulations determined by the IRS, are voted on in accordance with GPM By-laws and are
passed through the oversight of our Board of Directors!

You can help the work that Global Passion Mission
is accomplishing in the worst parts of the world!
Won't you please lend a helping hand to improve the
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Moringa Project:  GPM is committed to developing awareness and resources for the planting of Moringa as a world-wide crop in the battle against malnutrition and deforestation.  In Haiti, ten acres of Moringa were planted in the summer of 2009 on land nearby in the town of Fermathe.  From this crop, more cuttings will be obtained to increase the yield of the Moringa exponentially.  The cultivation of Moringa will be used to combat malnutrition in the nearby urban slums of LaSaline in Port-au-Prince, where people resort to eating “mud-pies” in order to stave off hunger.  Moringa will also be used to create an environment of economic development within the Haitian community in Cite Militaire, to help the Christian Church grow and to help other people in obtaining employment.  GPM is committed to spreading the word about the nutritional benefits of Moringa in speaking engagements, church programs and educational opportunities.
Kingdom of Kids Orphanage:  Global Passion Mission will work with the Kingdom of Kids Orphanage as a base of operations in which to effect change in the country of Haiti.  The orphans not only will benefit from eating Moringa themselves, but they will also assist in its preparation and distribution to others in need!  GPM will also provide clothing material in order for young girls to learn sewing and to make and sell dresses so that they can learn a trade and earn a living.
Haitian Bakery: Working in conjunction with the Moringa Project, a bakery is an idea which will provide another means for the local church to earn money and provide jobs for the people of Haiti.  It may be possible to combine the bakery project with the Moringa project to produce Moringa bread, which could be a new and unique product to be sold to the populace, and/or donated to those in need.
Clean Water Project: It could well be a future project of GPM to supply chlorinated water to those areas where human life could depend on it by purchasing cheap units in the US for use in hurricane-ravaged or disaster areas. 
By stressing projects which emphasize self-sustenance, GPM hopes to create a self-sustaining community of prosperity which will help to benefit the people of Haiti, Port-au-Prince and all over the world.
Global Passion Mission has worked and is working in concert with other organizations to help promote its non-profit exempt purposes:
Wayom Timoun Orphanage:   Global Passion Mission has established a close relationship with the Kingdom of Kids Orphanage (“Wayom Timoun”) in Cite Militaire, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  The orphanage is run by Pastor Rigaud Antoine, a man committed to the GPM vision and also to helping the poor people of his country.  The Kingdom of Kids Orphanage is authorized by the Haitian government to function in its country, and indeed, the orphanage is popularly known as a sanctuary at where the government or police can take abandoned children found in the streets to be nursed back to health. Global Passion Mission has donated Moringa seeds to the orphanage so the children can grow their own Moringa plants, and may well donate other materials, such as clothing, medicine and sewing materials which will serve to support the children.
Evangelical Baptist Church #2, LaSaline, Haiti: GPM has ministered to the poor people and children living in LaSaline, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  The Evangelical Baptist Church has allowed GPM use of an unfinished concrete building in feeding more than 500 children living in the ghettoes.
Passion Rescue Mission: GPM has committed time and ministry resources to help establish a country church and school in Francois (Kenscoff,) Haiti, with PRM, a Fort Myers, Florida based non-profit organization.
Harvest Seed International: GPM has given time and resources in providing Moringa seeds to HSI to plant Moringa trees in Gonaives, Haiti, and in providing neem treatment to the orphans in its own care.