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Introduction to Moringa

 The Moringa Project is the heart and soul of Global Passion Mission's purpose on the mission field.  Many Christian missionaries try to evangelize to foreign people without contributing to the society in tangible and practical ways.  Our feeling is that by instructing and showing indigenous peoples how utilize the resources which are already available to them on this good earth, they will understand the grace and good will of a good God, who has already provided a way for them to live life abundantly, through those who move and work in the name of Jesus Christ.  The Moringa tree is aptly named a "Miracle Tree" because every part of the tree is edible, and it is a great source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for humans!  Additionally, Moringa also is able to purify water!  Some people think that the Moringa tree was the tree spoken about in Exodus 15:22-26 , which Moses used to "sweeten" the water at Marah, (and it's the point at which Exodus declares to Israel that Jehova-Raffa is the God who heals them.) We also find a possible spiritual reference to Moringa in Revelation 22:2, which says that "the leaves of the tree were [and, like Moringa, are] for the healing of the nations."  Be that as it may, the benefits of the Moringa tree are undeniable and, we believe, should be shared to everyone, as Revelation says, "for the healing of the nations."  
Global Passion Mission believes that the cultivation of Moringa in third-world countries can greatly enhance nutritional and economic standards, and it is to this goal that we commit ourselves for the benefit of our fellow man.