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Global Passion Mission traveled to Maui, Hawaii in order to see first-hand how we could grow and process Moringa  in the fertile volcanic soil of the Pacific Islands.  While we were on Maui, we assisted a local church, Kahului Union Church of Christ, in the shooting of their Christmas pageant.  Most of the islanders were from all of over the world, including South America, the Western coast of the United State, the Philippines, Japan, China, Korea, Samoa and, of course, the native Hawaiians were themselves a cultural delight!  It was a rich adventure interacting with people from all around the world!  We also made friends with students from Africa and India at the Haggai Institue in Kihei, Hawaii.  St. Teresa's Catholic Church in Kihei also hosted and invited us to a number of Bible studies.  While in Maui, we met Ms. Carmelita Omli, who partnered with us and became part of our Board of Directors!  She is working to make life in her native province of Abra, Luzon, Philippines more productive, more just and more humane for her countrymen there.

The Hula Hulau at Kahului Union Church!


The Holy Ghost Church in Kula, Kihei!

Tom stands outside the Haggai Institute, home of Christian leadership conferences to the nations!

Rainbows typify the gorgeous scenery of Maui island!
Moringa Powder, Moringa Leaves, Moringa Flowers, Moringa Seeds, Moringa Oil, and
Moringa Capsules are all beneficial products that can be made from the Moringa Plant!