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Global Passion Mission's primary focus for 2011 is the creation of a Moringa orchard on the peninsula of La Saline.  We want to raise funds so that we either pay people in La Saline to work tilling the fields, or to buy food as payment for the workers who toil in the fields.  The purpose of utilizing money in this way is twofold:  1)  The Moringa field will have the manpower needed to make the dream become a reality, and 2) the people of La Saline will benefit directly from the employment, and this money will help to improve the economy in La Saline in the short term, as well as to create enthusiasm for the Moringa project in the community.  We look forward to making this contribution to the betterment of life in La Saline, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

 "Mud Pies and Tent Cities" Video by Geoff Wright of Windham Baptist Church, 
 Windham, Maine, USA  --  Used by permission!