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Aftermath of the Earthquake!

The beginning of the year 2010 saw Haiti experience one of the worst disasters in its history -- the massive earthquake of January 12th! Immediately, in an emergency response effort, Global Passion Mission donated $1000 in aid to the Evangelical Alliance of Haiti.  The money was used to feed orphans in Cite Militaire after the earthquake.  After taking care of the needs of the children, Pastor Rigaud set about to repair the damages suffered by his church.  Most of the city of Port-au-Prince was in rubble.  Much of the populace were living in tents in various places around the city, including just across the street from the Presidential Palace.  The United Nations kept watch for the security breaches.  We saw one man walking completely naked in the middle of downtown Port-au-Prince in broad daylight -- no one bothered him at all.  Such was and is the life in post-earthquake Haiti.

Later in the year, outbreaks of cholera occurred around the capital, killing over a thousand people. Moringa seeds can actually be used to purify water, although the process takes many hours to perform and it can't be used to purify a large amount of water for an entire community.  The best way to purify water for a large community is through chlorine tablets which kill the bacteria in the water.  GPM would like to thank its fellow non-profit organization "International Action," [] for offering us chlorine tablets to use for free after the earthquake!  


 "Port-au-Prince Haiti Street Tour" Video courtesy of 
Geoff Wright of Windham Hill Baptist  Church,  in Windham, Maine, USA.  Used by Permission!