Global Passion Mission 
 Demonstrating God's Love, Uplifting the Spiritual Man  
Global Passion Mission exists to spread the love of God through the ministry of Jesus Christ to those who are suffering, disadvantaged and need assistance to rise above their circumstances in parts around the world...

Recent News ---
Global Passion Mission donates to relief efforts against famine in the Horn of Africa!
Global Passion Mission, in accordance with its vision to be a presence around the world, has donated $1750 worth of aid towards famine relief in the city of Mogadishu, Somalia.  Thanks to the efforts of the heavyweight charity Americares, medicines and nutritional supplements have been flown from warehouses in Amsterdam, Netherlands to relief workers at the Mogadishu International Airport.  The airport is protected by UNISOM, [United Nations In Somalia] staffed by African Union soldiers against the Muslim extremists of Al-Shabaab, who are purported to have ties to Al-Qaeda, and are in control of 40% of the city of Mogadishu and 20% of the population there (in addition to the entire southern part of Somalia.)  Al-Shabaab is preventing aid workers from reaching most of the populace in southern Somalia which has caused a mass exodus of refugees to flee to southern Ethiopia and north-eastern Kenya -- in particular, the Dolo Ado refugee camp in Ethiopia, and the Mandera, Wajir and Dadaab camps in eastern Kenya.  Over 100,000 IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) are presently in Mogadishu, and many more millions are in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Americares is a humitarian organization known for having a sterling reputation of fiscal responsibility, utilizing 98.8% of contributions to its humanitarian programs.  They are able to multiply donor contributions by more than 35 times, due to its Gifts-in-kind donation model.

GPM also endorses World Vision, who in addition to having over 2 billion dollars of revenue a year to help in its humanitarian work, also promotes the Christian faith in all parts of the world in word and deed.

We encourage individuals to donate to the charity of their choice during this catastrophic time of famine in Somalia.


What are we all about?
All too often, missions are strong on the ideal of charity, without teaching self-sufficiency. We at Global Passion Mission recognize that any charity which is not based on the ideal of teaching self-sufficiency is doomed to failure because it cannot in principle be sustained. Global Passion Mission is dedicated to teaching people how to develop the economic and agricultural resources within their own communities, while overcoming ignorance, poverty, helplessness, hopelessness. 

Mission Statement ! 
We will demonstrate God's love for humanity in word and deed through the ministry of Jesus Christ, by developing global awareness in successfully combating hunger and malnutrition, by uplifting the spiritual man, and encouraging self-sustaining communities through education and practical skills.